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The Forgotten Soldiers

The Forgotten Soldiers




The Forgotten Soldiers

by Elliam Moses Mulenga

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The Forgotten Soldiers gives information about African Soldiers who served with the British Army in the Second World War, the King's African Rifles (KAR), whose regional Headquarters was in Nairobi, Kenya. The forces fought against Italian fascist forces in Somaliland and Ethiopia and engaged Japanese forces in Asia.

The author's father was in the Northern Rhodesian (Zambia) contingent. At the end of the war, after their demobilisation, most of these men ended up as paupers without any tangible benefits or support from the British Government. However, the author's father was employed back home as a messenger in the British colonial administration.

Follow the author's childhood life both under colonial administration and independent Zambia and many former combatants and others who could not be honoured by both the colonial and Zambian Governments. Witness the author's personal achievements as he later studied in Portugal and ended up going into Diplomatic Services. See how his experience caused him to excel. This book deals with the issues of his country Zambia, Africa, and the world at large. The author was kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo while serving as a diplomat before retiring into private life.

About the Author

Elliam Moses Mulenga was born on July 20, 1947, in Nairobi, Kenya, where his father served with the British Army, the Kings African (KAR).

The author studied at Mporokoso, LEA school, and Mungwi Secondary School. He worked for the Government (Immigration) and studied in Portugal before serving in the Diplomatic service.

Mulenga retired into private business. He is a pastor and enjoys travelling.




















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The Forgotten Soldiers






Elliam Moses Mulenga


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